Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what am I doing that is worthy of attention??

very little.

I am getting the itch to start seeds. But I now have a lovely settee in the bay window and am loathe to put moist earth in my dry cozy library. I want one of those awesome shelf trays w/grow lights. Carol assures me that the tomatoes will self sow. I agree. As much fruit that fell to the ground because of bad spacing...man I miss that ketchup. It was so good. Lori has started her onions and leeks--I have one leftover leek from last year that is trying to draw spring all by its lonesome. A limp little lightening rod of warmth.

I should sit Izzy down and make all the newspaper pots--those worked great last year. Pete is gonna lay two more big boxes so we can avoid the spacing dilemmas of last year. We also need to make Gertrude (and her incoming coop-mates) a hawk protection device. It would be lovely if the snow would go away....

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