Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer Already

June whizzed right by because-- HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! SO MUCH DRAMA. It was all prep and build up for the Fast Fwd-ing of the elder spawn's wedding. His relationship with his lovely girlfriend was solid. It was pretty much a given that they would wed, BUT AT THEIR OWN PACE! After all the PhDs were obtained. Nope. Life happened and PhDs outweigh any calmly paced celebrations and so we flipped into overdrive to get them married before his lab moved out to Boulder. WHAT? Then she got a job in CALIFORNIA! WHAT? Civil Ceremony. DONE.
There will be a basilica ceremony in Dec. But for right now I am just sitting down.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sourdough starter

Update: Both jars are doing great. You can see the red dot that even in the fridge, the yeasties be fartin'.  So far, not air tight lids and not iron heavy water seems to be producing better results than my last foray. You can see Iz named hers "Scully" and "Fox" is back there doing his thing. Soon we will bake!

Road trip w/Beth & J.

Somehow I got it in my head that I was gonna photograph the cherry blossoms in DC this spring. The concept included hang time with Lisa C. But alas and forsooth schedules did not mesh and I opted for Traverse City cherry blossoms.

The lake was cold but beautiful and we had a great time relaxing and tasting wine. 
Conned DarlingHubby and two good friends and we headed for Old Mission Point. We had fantastic weather and loads of fun. Best shenanigans were when Beth wanted to show me this cute shopping center.  As soon as she verbalized that it was an abandoned insane asylum cum TB ward I was all GHOST HUNTING! Wandering around buzzed on cherry cider at midnight we took the cameras back to practice w/low light. We scared ourselves a couple of times but sadly, no ghosts were seen.

The weekend was punctuated with excited texts from Guadalajara as Matt asked Fabi's dad for her hand in marriage and she skipped around sending us pics of the basilica and beautiful hacienda that will host their reception. She also chose her gown! Things are getting REAL! Very excited to plan our trip to Mexico to see the traditional Catholic ceremony.