Friday, March 23, 2007

5 things one should not do when one has a head cold

1. Decide that it is time to re-read King's The Stand. Not only did I buy a cheapy paperback that has smudgey tiny print thus making my eyes water more--but it is a story about people dying from snot. Not clever when one is currently battling snot. The novel is holding up well 29 years later, despite King's lack of knowledge of CD's & cell phones.

2. Inversions during Yoga. Not a good idea.

3. Blow your nose so hard your head swims and you get all dizzy.

4. Drink milk. Am I the only person to whom cold milk on a sore throat is just painful and wrong? The first signs I know that I am really and for truly sick? I get "fever eyes" and milk tastes like ass. Sort of the reverse of Gatorade. PENNSIC LEGEND-- If you are dehydrated Gatorade tastes "good"--well Gatorade has NEVER tasted good to me so I guess I have never been dehydrated.

5. Bend over (forward bend style) to clip the leash on the stoopidawg--who is thrilled that she gets to go play in 50F muddy field, and has just chosen to to show her enthusiasm-- as you bend over thus smashing her furry little bod directly into my sinus stuffed face. groooan

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biscodo said...

Yeah, the milk/ass taste sensation ain't exactly the most profound joy to be had in the world. But Gatorade DOES take good. If you've been hiking for 4 days and the only water you've had has either been murky with river grit or flavored with iodine from purification tablets - Gatorade is frickin' DECADENT. It's like getting fed bon-bons while on the receiving end of non-theraputic massage.