Thursday, March 8, 2007


At Hiller's last week I noticed they have a new spin rack in the middle of the produce section. It had a variety of dried things, like chili peppers, herbs and spices. It made me smile to see a little package of dried morels (all withered and desiccated like a cat poop that had fallen behind the litter box). I picked up the four by four cello package and flipped it over in search of the price tag... $14.99. I dropped it like it was steaming warm cat poo. SWEET JESUS JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING!! What the f@$* were they thinking?? Holy shite! I can walk out in my grandpa's woods and pick two pounds for free! Like venison and raspberries, smelt and cherry tomatoes...some food should just be "free" in my head--or at least so cheap you can gorge yourself on it. I dreamt last night about my grandpa's blackberry bushes. Berries the size of a grown man's thumb, purple black and bursting with sunhot sweet. Blackberry crumble with vanilla ice cream-- I would eat two pounds and bring home two pounds for free--NOT $3.99 for a half a cup. pathetic.

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