Friday, March 16, 2007

sitting in the corner

chewing on myself, rocking back and forth or pacing--I am crazy.

I must pull on the PTA mask and step forth into the melee. Is it spring fever--is it built up goth angst? Unreleased words? Shit is not under my control--Look at my bloody horoscope

Your intuition can get you out of a difficult place today, for you will simply know what to do as long as you don't try to figure out the source of your knowledge. This is not about book learning, nor is it about facts. Somehow you are receiving vital information directly off the airwaves, as if you were a radio tuned to a station that's broadcasting the answers. Listen carefully and act without questioning.


Good thing there is public license to get shit faced tomorrow.

checking edge on blade--good--extra sheaf of arrows--good, leather armor? off we go.

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