Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Training for Pennsic

Morning routine

7:15 wake up. kiss Zoli and Pete good bye--(this morning Zoli was wearing red & blue plaid shorts --old man Bahama style a green and gray striped rugby jersey and birks. Oi!)
read Freep, pack Izzy's lunch, help her with her hair-maybe check email quick.
8:15 walk Izzy to school, then continue hike with doggies thru cross country trail
9:30 yoga, sit ups etc. Today I got to add give the beasts a bath because they were covered in mud--started a load of laundry WHOOPEEE!
10:00 a.m. eat= less than 500 calories. today was a bananna, 1/2 cup strawberries, a plain yogurt and 1/2 cup granola why is ist so easy to "behave" in the morning... by myself? Why is it the later in the day it is the more likely I am to succumb to an extra handful of almonds? or dip in to the PMS chocolate? By the time Z gets home at 2:30 I have convinced myself that because they are not transfat it is cool to have half a bag of tortilla chips. ): I am always really good in the morning and then plan mashed taters fer dinner? And the later I stay up (say past 10 pm, the more I am sure I need to eat. Eric and Pete used to tease that if I stayed up past 11 it was "Daye's feeding time") sigh. It was easier when the thyroid was mysterious and I could blame my lack of self control on a broken organ. Now--I just need to cowboy up and stay outta the cookies.

So--finally the point of today's entry: this morning I added an extra set of crunches and push ups cuz it is time to start training for WAR!! Me and my bow goin to PA, gonna cook some cow and get some archery points for the Kingdom of Norfshield. Did I tell anybody about my spiffy new bracer?? oooh pritty!!

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