Monday, May 7, 2007


Scatdaddy my ass--feh.

To quote Bullwinkle--I gotta get a better hat. First of all someplace on the internet told me (and I believed) that the race started at 3:05. So we didn't start with the Juleps till like 2:45--well when the race actually started we were at Eli's Possum Party (oh no dear reader that is not a story I can tell--not at least until he gets his version in. He, or his lady-- or a member of the Possom Removal Squad. I avoided that mushroom cloud and thus I dare not lay claim to His Grace's narrative.) So--6:05 we are at Eli's. I am shnockered (mint juleps finally stop tasting like toothpaste around the 3rd or fourth one) and wearing a decidedly UN pimped Hat and I get my Derby fan ass kicked. Despite being one of the three or four people who could answer questions with some confidence-- I did NOT pick the winning horse. I was trounced by an eight year old. Child had never watched the race before and picked the winner--sigh. I HAVE to get a bigger hat. I wonder... if like chocolate at Easter; they are all 50% off now?

There were of course much happier notes throughout the weekend. Despite Petey being on call all weekend--
The Wings won!! (brilliantly I might add) I Found a couple of Tom Stoppard plays at Westside Books.
Midair reminded me how much I enjoy watching his antics (sober or drunk), got to lick frosting from Eua's fingers. Got my musicians to their gig on time...(check out the new album Ark Concert '07.) But most of all I drank a lot of coffee with my girl and we giggled and gossiped and discovered that apparently "once you wear them a bit you get used to them".

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