Tuesday, May 1, 2007

rolla coaster...of love

AHHHHH. It is spring and the Wings are in the 2nd round of playoffs. emotion level UP! They get spanked. happy level DOWN ): They WIN! YAY!--they Lose. BOOO.

and now there is a dilemma--tomorrow night the game starts at 10 pm. That is when LOST is on. Normally, I would say "Thank the Goddess we have Twin screen"--but really...I can't watch my boys when they are tiny NOR should the smoke monster be diminished in anyway...I think instead we shall DVR and jump back and forth between periods. The game is going to go longer than LOST fer sure...ahhhh why can't the game be on at oh--5:30 and then Lost at 8? Don't these silly people realize I fall asleep at 10. Damn primetime Western timezone crap. I want to rule the world. Socialized medicine and all TV ON DEMAND!!

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