Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HP7--the serious countdown

What a cool thing to realize, that we are alive during the publication of such a seminal work of literature. Take care of your books kiddies, your grandchildren will be thrilled to have your first editions. thirty more days-- about 716 HOURS!! eee eeep eeep!!!

Bill&Fleur gonna get married. I predict a MidSummeresque event w/Tonks & Lupin

Sadly, Snape is gonna die--"doing what is right"

Harry very well may die BUT there is the whole MoM & 12 kids prediction Prof. T made
DA's army will take some hits prly not R&H

Voldysnort will of course die..a horrible crumbly magic all gone death

I shall prepare my yard swing with extra pillows, (it hadn't better rain!) m&m's, Strawberry faygo, Woodchuck pear cider.

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