Monday, June 4, 2007

I have shame

Not a lot mind you... but I do have a little. Saturday was definitely the highlight of the weekend, apparently some of it is on tape (Andy--sweetie-- I will make you a cheesecake if that never leaves Geo-girl's house--'k?)

Saturday, dear reader, was the NPNA Rummage Sale. We had perfect weather and the sale was a success--except for two addendums; I shall list them forthwith.
1. not eating but working your ass off all morning will then result in thirsty happy guzzling at beer'o clock (normal people peg this hour at about 3 pm). I went from zero to 60 in about 2 hours. I had 2 whole grain waffles w/peanutbutter & coffee at about 7:30 am. Zoli claims I had a handful of chips but I don't remember them--then after the Sale we grilled Brats--but I of course was shit faced by then and one feeble weenie had no chance of combating the gallons of Oberon I apparently imbibed thus making a complete ass of myself--hey it's my yard and I didn't hurt anybody. i did forget to make potato salad. It seems I felt the need to proclaim my political alliances in chalk--all over the front porch. Up the wall and the posts--yeah somebody get the short leash. Don't drink & chalk. I should leave graffiti to the professionals.

2. RAIN Rain normally is a good thing. We like it. Don't have to water the garden the way it has been raining lately. I was thrilled the massive 16 hour lightening filled cloud burst waited not only till the sale was officially over but just long enough for us to cook the brats. Then I decide to dance. We had lots of great music and I was happy and I danced. I do remember singing "Wonderwall" with Chris. I'll bet we sounded awesome! Dancing and playing hose tag with the kids (yes in the rain) On the wet grass. I kept falling on my ass--or on my knees--or my face---finally the alcohol level reached my brain and I went to sleep @6 pm!!! But not before I tried to convince Kevin *story deleted from pure embarrassment*. Mortifying. There are of course pictures at the .mac album.


biscodo said...

hmm... what *kind* of cheesecake?

I'm starting to think that the footage might be a little more valuable than it was a few minutes ago before I read your offer. ;)
Should Kevin and I compare notes? I'll bet his story is at least as good as the footage is.

right, so... how many cheesecakes was that you were suggesting?

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

But wait, the tape is in my possession. How many cheesecakes does that rate? BTW, none of that berry shit on mine. Nothing but pure unadulterated cheesecake, please.

I'm not holding my breath on Kevin's story, the footage is pretty damn fine. Excellent camera work, A! Wendy will be soooo impressed when we YouTube it.

Daye said...

yes ma'am