Monday, June 18, 2007

pipe dream

House shopping.
We are gonna walk thru it later in the month.

(following blurb snatched from a Midtown online newsletter)
5. Heritage Museum 110 E. Ferry
Josephine Love’s Heritage Museum (formerly Your Heritage House), a children’s art center, started life in 1887 as the home of William Jackson, managing director of the Michigan Telephone Co. Another of John Scott’s Queen Annes lining Ferry, the house was acquired in 1926 by the Merrill-Palmer Institute. In 1975, Love moved her museum into the building, now owned by the Detroit Institute of Arts. The guys featured in the old News article below want out. They want $600 thou. when you say something like intricate woodwork & six fireplaces I kinda get interested.

Architectural firm to relocate into historic Midtown museum ---2005
The Architects Enterprise is renovating the old Heritage Museum & Fine Arts Center, located at 110 E. Ferry in Midtown, to become its new Detroit office.

The president of the firm purchased the building after he stayed at the Inn on Ferry Street during a visit from Chicago. He fell in love with the nearby museum, bought it and made plans for the firm to relocate there after an extensive renovation of the structure is complete.

The exterior of the building requires heavy renovations, and the interior will have to be revamped to facilitate architectural offices. The company was inspired by “the beauty of the building, and wanting to help with the redevelopment of the city of Detroit,” says Lincoln Calhoun, senior project manager of the Detroit office.

Construction on the project began in July and they are anticipating the move just after the first of the year.

Source: Lincoln Calhoun, senior project manager for The Architects Enterprise, Detroit office

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