Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well that was lovely. Absolutely lovely. *BEAMING & BOUNCING* We drove about an hour north of Chicago in order to attend an SCA event called Border Skirmish.

Where after taking WAAAAY too many photos we attended court. (more on that in the next paragraph) --I sucked up all my battery juice on the first round of fighting-- but man did I have fun-- I took pictures of everything except Zoli & Gregor (who were very busy imagining themselves into black holes far far far away from us.) They surfaced on time for meals but we seldom saw their mysteriously compatible selves. Odd little men.

So court...right. I am always happy to watch "my boys" beat bruises onto each other. I am even happier if I get to take pictures of them doing it, as you can tell by looking at the three new albums at the .mac account. (Which you can access by the cleverly labeled link in the upper left corner of this page.) But COURT!! right...His Maj Hrodir (my darling monkey boy) accomplished the treaty-ing of us into Northshield despite HRM Dag taking an incredibly long time to sign his name
(--it's only three letters!) and despite Duchess Mads
1.) threatening a ululating Turkish dirge
2.) threatening to kidnap Isabel and hold her hostage so we wouldn't "defect"
3.) growling and poking right up until our names were called.

No dear reader, don't get me wrong. She was teasing and playing. Maddy is my girl and she had my back. I admit I was getting a tad bit nervous and she literally held my hand and made me laugh. I mostly managed to keep my shit together, but when I looked at Giulia and Himself I started to tear up. Then Felix smiled like he totally understood-- and then I looked at Tinn and he winked. That did it. I was a blubbering fool. Crying like a little girl.
When Dag asked us if we were willing to give up our "Inheritance" Petey & I just looked at each other and without hesitation...we jumped ship. Inheritance snert. Our inheritance was the entire hall shouting out "welcome" when we turned around.

When we first attended an event (almost four years ago) I wasn't even sure what the whole kingdom division indicated (geography--that's it just yer zip code) and we sorta got ourselves emotionally entrenched in Northshield. Happily now as FunkyChris says, we "switched tribes". And we can properly call ourselves "Children of the Ice & Snow." No more pronoun problems for me baby!!

I am my mother's savage daughter. I run barefoot cursing sharp stones. I will not cut my hair, I will not lower my voice..

L. the scroll rocks. I love you.


Jean said...

Welcome to Northshield, kinswoman! :)

chez maddy said...

yay! I luvs my new fellow Northshielders!

J. Kaye said...

Love your blog!