Tuesday, June 5, 2007

soggy veg

I am a fan of animation.
I really like Nick Park's work. He is the creator of the Wallace and Grommit series. They are doing a nice thing here at this page. One of Park's early bits was called Creature Comforts and was a biting & well done British programme (one can surmise--if one hangs out long enough--that I am also a fan of UK TV ...and--uh... run on sentence fragments) that was rather Seinfeld-esque. You know, not really about anything--like this blog! I was worried because the last time a British show got translated to the American vernacular-- it kinda lost something. I am referring to The Office. Now HBO did okay with Extras which I adore.

Anywho-- Last night we DVR-ed (is that word?) the new AMERICAN version of the Creature Comforts. It was okay. Kinda soggy and limp--like British vegetables. OR Like the vegetables in my garden which at the moment are practically drowning. And it appears that not only have the green beans sprouted (magically over night cuz I swear they weren't there yesterday) but them seem to have some sort of wee beastie chewing holes through the leaves. I couldn't really investigate as I had the doggies and it was starting to rain. I shall venture back up if it ever stops raining. I know you are dying w/anticipation.

You probably are not wondering why we DVR-ed (...yeah it a word. There is a precedent set.) the animation. If you're a true friend you may not even be wondering why didn't watch the Sens lose (we did get the last five minutes)--cuz dear reader, Last night I FINALLY got to see Pan's Labyrinth.wow wow wow. Holy shite! What an amazing film. It is really two films, not unlike Lady in the Water. The double story lines just brush against each other. Real life scary tyranny running parallel with fantastic magic. I couldn't help but draw a comparison to the poem The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti. This film while ostensibly about a ten year old child, was very much inappropriate for little ones in love with Stinkerbelle--but friends--if you like bloody fight scenes, guerilla warfare and incredible cinematography get your butt onto Netflix and pop this puppy up to #1 in the queue. I haven't seen a film this good in AGES. It was really stupendous. Here is a link to a little more cogent review click here.

Hey--maybe some of the creepy crawlies from the Labyrinth are nibbling on my bean plants.

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