Saturday, June 9, 2007

very funny ha ha

Good morning dear ones,
One of my faithful readers (who shall go not unnamed...RICHARD) and his partner got me good yesterday. These dear dear friends of mine, two of my oldest and most beloved (jerks) pulled a snotty prank.
(there will be retribution. bwa ha ha ha)
You see--I have long thought they needed to make their relationship less of a "guideline" and more of a formal commitment. I poke them a lot about it. But that is my opinion *sigh* and I just want to be in charge of the food at the party--oh hell--truth be told I want to run the whole damn reception. I could be a wedding planner ya know..I'd be good at that.

People tell me I throw awesome parties--so anyway yesterday. (seriously Any excuse for an ice sculpture!)
Right-- We are on our way to see a Tiger's game with Chris and Gretch and we are all laughing and chatting and suddenly R. turns around and from the front seat says to T.-- "Oh we should tell them about our date!" T. immediately blushes and they start this whole charade--insinuating that they were finally gonna tie a knot in a length of Japanese silk rope--and I bought it. They mentioned the "3rd or 4th weekend in July" which in my endoftheday tired and nothavingacalendar and excitedtobewithgrownups brain--nothing registered. Not clearly-- I knew the 21st was something..Twasn't an SCA event..maybe it was beerfest? "What ever" I said aloud. "Your wedding trumps it all." So the conversation continues around me and I still struggle to remember why the 21st of July should be important...My multi track brain starts wondering about table rentals and pretty places in Lansing--what flowers will hold up well-- how far ahead would we need to make various reservations because--- It was only 42 more days till...GOD DAMN IT!!! That's when Harry Potter 7 comes out!!! The light finally went off in my little pea brain and I got the joke. It really only took about five minutes, but I did manage to put the fear in their sorry asses. They promptly realized how serious I was and they had the proper amount of guilt for being mean. Humph--they can order their own damn ice sculpture of a giant rooster with ROYGBIV tail feathers!

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