Thursday, September 27, 2007


No--my freaky darlings--I am not crocheting Georgina a thermal bra & panties set. Petey and I, did however, meet with this amazingly awesome dude who is gonna implant our new "hook up bed". We're gonna get us some below the frost line heat. We are getting a geothermal furnace. At the same time they dig the four trenches (3ft wide by 110 ft long and five down) they will begin the process for the native grass meadow I plan to nurture next year.

This geothermal does both heating and cooling and while the initial investment is equal to Matt's tuition-- and more than the roof just cost us--it will pay for itself in five years! (let's see if Matt's education does that!! LQTM) (What you don't know what LQTM means--gods! yer soooo lame... like LOL--It stands for Laughing Quietly To Myself.


Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Ha! My best inclusion in a blog yet! I am expectin' a little something, though.... haven't seen a cheesecake yet!

Lilim said...
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Lilim said...

My eyes just got real big, like that time one of our cats saw the other cat get a treat, and was really jealous but also really excited that someone was getting a treat, even if it wasn't him. Yeah, like that.

I've decided that, instead of working on saving money and building up my credit score to buy a house, I want to set my goals on actually building an eco-friendly, small, smart, cozy green home. And you can bet I'll be looking into geothermal viability for our damn-near-permafrosted tundra of Fargo.

I guess there's a house on UND land, up in Grand Forks, that was able to tap into the university's geothermal system, and it's working really well for them, up there. I am hopeful for the future of residential architecture in ND. ^-^


PS (edit)- I was playing with my parents' neighbor's JRT, Emmit, today. I thought of you. Good luck in your puppy quest!

biscodo said...

Uhm, yeah... about that cheesecake.

Still waitin' here too.

If summer beerfest comes along again and there ain't no cheesecake? Hoo, boy. I can't be responsible for what happens at that point. :P