Wednesday, September 26, 2007

puppy shoppin

I am looking for a puppy. I am sure about the puppy bit--but there are several things I am unsure of, for example; breed? another JRT? then I could be the mistress of the "Jackpack". That could be fun. But what I really want is a shepherd. I miss Emery and "BellyAcres" needs a big dog. I am more than okay with a mix breed and would welcome a rescue-- If I ruled the world a female GSD puppy would magically appear. But I don't rule the world and last night I cruised some of the better known rescue pages. There are two dogs that are tearing my heart out. On I read the ad for two GSDs named Victor and Trevor. They were left trapped in a foreclosed property and tried to escape. How horrible can humans be? Ya know what if you want to be cruel to yourself that is your own dumb decision but to purposely leave these animals locked inside without food or water--that is enraging.

I would have gone to pick them both up last night but they need a house diff than ours. Bree is granted MUCH calmer and more pleasant to live with, esp. now that most of the repairs are done-- but she is still very dominant and rowdy--she is a Jack...and while Jarvis gets along with everybody; somebody that fragile (Trevor's leg had to be amputated because somehow he got plastic wrapped around the limb) needs a quieter house. And one thing this new place isn't is mellow and quiet. Think Grand Central Station. We need somebody with some "spunks" to paraphrase Zora Neale Hurston.
or how about a lab/shep mix? those are good dogs. Somebody with enough confidence to live with Bree but not aggressive.
hell, after thoroughly depressing myself last night (so many doggies need a help) maybe I'll turn the barn in a dog rescue.

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