Sunday, September 30, 2007

She's from Deeeeetroit!

I have very fond memories of watching Matthew play the Resident Evil games while I sat on the couch and pretended to knit. We would figure out the puzzles together and he would shoot the zombies. I would say purposefully annoying things like "Are you sure the dogs will attack? what if you approach them slowly?"

So Saturday we drove over to MSU and I got to check out Matt's new crib--which was happily...far FAR tidier than I expected. Four college guys?? I expected a bit of a hell hole. As the devil said in Tuesday's premier episode of "Reaper"--a little bit of hell on earth--but I was quite pleased to see not only the kitchen floor-- but they had coasters for the coffee table! They are running with an Early American Beer theme with a colorful splash of Sparty pride and smart ass mixology posters. I doubt that I will ever get to test my mad old school ninja beer pong skillz on the kick ass BeerPong table that dominates the shared living room, but that is gonna be one wicked stencil of Sparty (the statue not the cartoon logo) when they are done.

So his apartment was habitable and he has declared a major (physiology), so we took him out for dinner and a movie. We ate at a lovely Italian place called "Bravo" and had mojitos and shrimp. And then we saw Resident Evil:EXTINCTION. WOOOOOT!!! OMIGAWD! It was fantastic. Silly, violent and massively empowering. Alice is cooler than Lara. Most you freaky darlings are aware of my crush on Ms. Jolie (when Lara does the press handstands into a front walkover in the games (My signature move BTW) I always get a little tingle of suspended disbelief and I think for a minute *I* can solve laser beam + Egyptian mirror trick puzzles and then fly a Huey to the Antarctic and dead eye some rabid vampire wolves while dual wielding my glocks.

Nostalgia reminds me how much liked the afterschool forays to Raccoon City. I remember one plant puzzle that had us stumped (pun fully intended) for about three days. I saw the first movie and was like bleh--whatever...but for some reason I have been devouring action films this year. The latest Bourne installment was tremendous fun and slicing an dicing zombies yesterday and high five-ing Iz when Alice made the ten foot vertical jump just in time to only slice off a fraction of her boot sole before the laser grid scanned the corridor of doom---and then when the Evil Dr. Isaacs sprouts those--oh you haven't seen yet? Get off your ass and go see it. Mindless, choppy (both cinematically and literally) and bloody gory action-- strong women--good role least for the afternoon

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