Wednesday, January 2, 2008

catch up

What did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato? Come'on slow poke---KETCHUP!

Lemme think here, even if I just discussed the food highlights we would be here forever. I do have to touch on the food porn highlights. Gluttony Day was fantabulous. Rollo made ho made caramels and marshmallows and they were delightful, perfect in appearance and tasted like necter. It was a happy caramel weekend as the caramel bourbon sauce that Faillen put on the chocolate cherry bread pudding was orgasmic. I am most proud of the ribs we did for Gluttony Day, but the Xmas Eve prime rib roast was pretty awesome and the lamb for GWL was acceptable. Mina's curry mix is a thing, I hope it isn't secret. I still have about a half cup. There are new foodie pics at the .mac album (see button in upper left corner). The Horvath's won the Hungarian Throwdown, Dave's cabbage soup was delish. Next year we do French!!

I was concerned that my greedy American kids would notice that we do in fact have two mortgages. They seem pretty happy, quite oblivious to thinly stretched checkbooks! In fact when we got home from GWL we woke up to a beautiful snowbomb. Zoli said and I quote, "This is the best winter vacation I have ever had. The Wii, Gregor, GWL and now MY OWN SNOW HILL!" He was referring to the mountain the snowplow created. This shot is Isabel out there as soon as she swallowed her cereal.

So we are home now--the '07 holidays are complete and most happily-- Ray got to take Margie home; her doctor finally gave her the thumbs up for the trip home and our house seems to be our own. Just us. Kinda weird to think that since we bought the house in August, we have only had about three nights when we didn't have "guests".

So here is to a new president, a new year and new garden.

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