Friday, January 18, 2008

MLK 3.0

I understand keeping the same lesson plan and re-using it. In fact I am myself generating lecture notes to be saved for next Fall. But how much MLK can one family take???

It was Izzy's turn last night. Every year the Ypsi Public Schools really puts some effort into celebrating MLK. Long time readers will remember Zoli's version of this same play, wherein he played Henry David Thoreau-- WHO ironically enough was played by Isabel's new "boyfriend" Daniel last night. He is standing next to her in the group shots.

Some of you may remember when Matt got 3rd place in the district for his poem that he entered in the contest. That year we got to go to a special luncheon (it was kinda weird--they served BBQ and soul food--it seemed almost like reverse racism--strange vibe but delicious chow). Regardless of any slightly misguided menus of the past last night was fun. (and Happily the last time I have to sit through another "bus strike". Ghandi was particularly amusing. Words are enhanced with pics so
I've published a new Photocast using iPhoto that I'd like to share with you. You can just click on the following link:


Isabel sang beautifully as did her classmates, and we were home by 8:10--ROCKIN!

Bt all griping aside, my babies are all grown up. (eep) This was our last Martin Luther King Jr themed elementary school performance. ): I am almost as sad as when I realized that we didn't HAVE to go to the YHS Holiday concert anymore. we could of course but we wouldn't know anybody...that was a fun tradition. How will we celebrate MLKday next year??

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YPR said...

Hey Wendy,

Good to hear from you.
It sounds like you're progressing through some significant milestones as do all parents. The best of luck to you in all that. You've got some pretty cool kids there, Lady.

I'm doing all right for the most part. I started a new job recently and I'll be in training tomorrow to work the front desk at a new high-rise condominium. It sounds like it could be a fun gig.

I've been playing a lot of open mic nights and I had my own show on the 4th of January. People out here seem to like my stuff, and I've had a bit of a burst of creativity recently. I've had song ideas just knockin' me on the head quite a bit lately. I hear getting divorced tends to help with the crative process, but it's nothing I would recommend.

San Francisco is a blast, but I look forward to living once again in fair Ypsilanti. Say what you will about that quirky little town, but it's home to me, and I will always feel that way.

Best to you and Pete and the whole family.

Take care,