Sunday, January 13, 2008

MSU Equestrian Team

Saturday we ventured to Lansing to support Matt's upstairs neighbors. Isabel is on the verge of her "horse craze" and I of course never really outgrew mine; so we dragged the whole fam (and Roxy!) to a ginormous alfalfa smelling barn to watch NeighborJess get third place in one class of Hunt Seat. I personally think she should have placed first.

IMG_0464It's all about the boots baby.

I had a good time but even Isabel was getting bored so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked. After a couple hours of watching college girls "canter" "walk" and "reverse" I got outvoted (despite my best efforts to delineate the difference between geldings, stallions, mares or the coat colors of "bay" and "chestnut" ~sigh~ even the hot blonde with the riding crop in her jeans pocket did not entertain this restless bunch--thus we toddled off to El Azteco the most delicioso Mexican resturaunt in the state--okay that place in Beantown was okay but El Az has better Margaritas! We stuffed ourselves silly and got to hug Noah for surprise!! Seems how Roxanna, Izzy and I all share a fetish for ice cream we went to Melting Moments and got ice cream on top of the enchilada feast we had just devoured. OI! we could barely waddle ( I got raspberry oreo if ya are wondering). As we aimed back to the car Matt dragged us into a Verizon store to oogle the phone he wants to get next payperiod. Lo and behold Tim the amazing salesman sucked $63 outta Pete and two momentous things happened. 1. I HAVE A PHONE THAT RINGS!!! (same bat number FYI) and 2.) Zoli got the comes w/Mom's new plan free phone. He is ecstatic as it hasn't quite dawned on him that it is an electronic tether... and he hasn't even gone on a date yet!

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