Tuesday, January 29, 2008

quit whining

Quite recently I was bemoaning my lack of a boy* with tools/toys. A lot of my dear ones have boys who are very very skilled, handy and talented with things like electricity, plumbing and chain saws. Happily these friends will on occasion let me "borrow" their beloved partner. So when the "soil stack" froze into a 15 ft icicle during the single digit temps we had last week I was whining and lamenting my having to pay "dudes w/tool belts. (I confess I was secretly hoping somebody might take pity on me) and I did get lots of sympathy, advice and pats on the back, when one of my darlings tactfully pointed out that I should prly quit whining because she doesn't even have anybody to commiserate with or to write the check when emergency type situations occur. I was hushed. Sometimes I need that. and..I was inspired. I KNEW what had to be done and damn it-- if this amazing woman could fix her kitchen plumbing I sure as hell could stuff some damn insulation into some wall spaces. So I did.

Mind you I like MY boy and his toys just fine. I was stressed.


Paul Orselli said...

What you need is a nice dinner out in Manhattan with friends.

How about this Saturday?

Lilim said...

There's something quite liberating about learning how to maintain a home (or even do some "typical male" jobs, around the house), on your own. Over the past few months, I taught myself how to use/maintain an electric drill, experimented successfully with some plumbing, and assembled all manner of small furniture pieces. It's been fun, and I'm looking forward to tackling new, bigger projects!

I'm still not planning on changing my own oil, anytime soon, though.... ;P

Deborah said...

A womans'work is never done ! Even changed my own oil, when I blew the axel in the 4x4 , I had to do that too ! I was scrutinizied from nearby thou.