Wednesday, January 30, 2008

something besides plumbing

So yeah--I am not going to detail my current mental status or lack thereof--I may very well be certifiable by the end of the month. seriously. The last time I had this much out of control stress in my life I was a skinny undergrad trying to get a divorce.

The frozen pipe has been thawed and repaired and should not ever freeze again. I have a very good plaster dude coming to fix the ceiling. Zoli may actually pass Science tho Math is still in the crapper. We still do not have the transformer from DTE so the AUX HEAT thingy still doesn't work. So we maintain at 66F-71F. All three of us have balked at the plane to NY because of predicted Blizzard Thurs/Fri, so no Keroauc, No Timmy, No Lisa and NO margaritas!

However, I can still watch mindless TV and LOST is coming!!
Here are the fishbiscuits! Basic Scottish shortbread with a healthy squirt of food coloring. I really liked the marbled effect, but Izzy thinks they need more SNAP.

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