Thursday, January 10, 2008

still harping on Eastern

Today I parked at 8:38 am. Toted two book bags from Sill Parking Lot (about two blocks) and got up to my office in Pray-Harrold an hour before I needed to be there. hmmm, nice day, free hour--time for an explore.

I Decided to go check out the "new" student center. I use the term "new" loosely as the building wasn't there when I split three years ago. I walked around the man made lake and it's accompanying landscaping and through the little patch of trees where I used to a.) practice my flute, b.) ingest interesting cigarettes and c.) debate the meaning of the universe. It was very unkempt back then. Woodland floor kinda stuff, not the manicured park & bench effect we have working today. Hell-- now there is a sidewalk & stairs where, as a pregnant freshman, I used to have to hike up the frozen snow melt hill for an 8 am psych class. Gack-- that was a happy moment.

I popped into the Rec Center to see how expensive and/or cute the "personal trainers" were--Matt thinks I should start a weight training regime. Bleh. Lots of very young very fit people there and again, like the parking...something I feel the employer should provide as a bennie or a perk is easily my entire paycheck. I wish they had a Yoga class scheduled. I wonder if I could teach Yoga? Prly have to get certified eh? I left the Rec/IM building a little disheartened, but the sun was shining and my coat was unbuttoned--how cranky could I be? I was still walking at the right time; just without my fuzzy little partners. I missed them. When we lived in the 'hood we would do part of this route occasionally. On I toddled sans puppies.
Upon entering said Student Center I immediately flashed on Water Street Pavillion. A similar food court kinda thing that U of M-F conjured in downtown Flint. I had a definite sense of foreboding. As it turned out the tiny Starbucks was playing jazz and the staff in the EAGLE CARD OFFICE were pleasant and cheerful and I got the ID card I was supposed to get last term (but NEVER needed). I spose if I am ever craving bad Chinese food or need to buy a T-shirt I'll know where to go.

Day 2 of HP as Children's Lit went very well. Lectured on genre & mythology and demonstrated how "oral myths" can become distorted or change during re-telling by playing the old whisper in your neighbor's ear "telephone game". I whispered "Parking on this campus is lame." to a student at the front of the room and the last student repeated what she thought she had heard..."Pirate ears are getting licked."

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