Thursday, February 21, 2008


The good news is I am all ready for class. Today's topic is "Merlin". YAY!

The bad news is I am trying unsuccessfully to get comfortable as I sit here, in my green metal office for two BORING OFFICE HOURS (I'm required to make myself available to the students.They never come. I'm soooo lonely...just me and the hollow file cabinets) enh-- resourceful girl that I am; I cleverly brought my book. It is a delish sci fi mystery Rollo lent me called PASSAGE by Connie Willis. But right now if I had a wish it would be to be at home on my smooshy leather couch, with a crackly fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot sweet tea (oooh NOTE TO SELF SECOND INTERESTING TOPIC), stoopid dawg asleep on my feet and Jarvis (the original dawg) on guard staring out the window. Maybe he is counting snowflakes?? Right now I miss my cozy house. I adore teaching. I'm way cool with the prep work (little research nerd that I am) but man-- between parking (or the lack thereof) and office hours---argh.


I have subscribed to Yoga Journal magazine for about four years now. I love it. It hasn't "jumped the shark" yet (in magazine talk that is when the "mag" goes to "rag" by having more ads then stories. First VOGUE (which I was totally addicted to in my frumpiest phase) then Bon Appetite. I love them... and then they turn on me. If I am subscribing to a cooking mag I DO NOT WANT CAR ADS!! argh. I am paying for this right? sheesh.

So YOGA JOURNAL definitely sells stuff but it is all yoga-y, eco green hippy dippy granola stuff. For example, the most recent issue came with a LETTER and SAMPLES!! two full size tea bags and TWO COUPONS for 2 boxes of free tea!! well hot damn. SO I try the tea, first one opened was Pomegranate Green tea. Both teabags are from a company called Tulsi (which is also an Indian herb) one w/caffeine and one not. The Pomegrante was not, and as it was already nearly four I opted for it's warmth without the wakey uppy effect. Have you ever had Tulsi?? It seemed...well ...a new flavor for sure. Kinda like salty licorice. I didn't put in any milk or sweetener.I wanted to get it's "pure" flavor. Not bad. Hey it was free!! I wish I was at home so I could make the other packet. I want my couch.

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