Sunday, February 17, 2008

frozen flags

C&R have a flag at their "new" house. It is a SCA Viking household (Dirk's I think? It might be a personal device) banner. It makes me happy when I pull into their drive to see it. (The half a rabbit that was in their yard was equally as cool but it seems to have left. Seriously--this bisected bunny was quite a mystery for about a week. We finally decided it had either been attacked by a dog with VERY large sharp teeth or it had gotten run over by the snow plow. Very odd.) There are couple of themes running thru my brain--vikings (with or without flags) and their modern descendents--watched this crazy little flick last night. Don't worry Sondheim it has NOTHING on yer Sweeny Todd.

We too have a flag pole at our "new" house --we did not have a flag pole at Wallace. We have the Red Wings flag and a classic Jolly Roger. They are frozen with sleety rain at the moment. Rather than gallantly billowing in a gentle breeze they hang like massive wet skins of some flayed animal. Black and red all twisted together. and cold.
frozen wasteland.
poetic in a grey dismal way--

Good day to stay inside and paint. Which is what we did yesterday. Pete stopped coughing long enough to really help. It is good to be tall when one is painting ceilings. The downstairs bathroom is nearly finished after the frozen pipe adventure. The ceiling is robin's egg blue and the first two layers (grass green and blue glaze) of faux finishing are done. I have decided to not put the Sunflower rip off back in there. It is much more Monet now.Have you ever noticed how sometimes my blogposts just end? No conclusion--no punch line. I wonder if maybe I should re-assess the format? Tie everything back in? find some deeper meaning? --enh fuck it. If you want solid structure read a novel. (just not Finnegan's Wake)

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biscodo said...

If you're ever searching for a universal ending punchline, you can always just drop in "... so the nun says, '5 bucks, same as in town.' "

Works every time.