Thursday, February 7, 2008

fuzz brain

Petey has brought germs into the house. A bronchial virus thingy. He has been VERY ill. It latched onto me yesterday. Now when I breathe my lungs just sorta collapse on themselves. It takes a good minute to refill. I am 'sposed to explain the field of Literary Criticism in 45 minutes. I have laryngitis. Normally-- I could give this lecture and convert half of the science heads to change their majors. Today--I will give them a handout. No enthusiastic babbling about Derrida or Kristeva today...nope just a wimpy handout with some terms that might be on the final. LAME.

I need a nap.

Lost tonight. I hope I don't fall asleep. Thank the goddess for DVR.

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Lilim said...

Aww! Get lots of rest, be VERY good to yourself, and feel better soon! *hugs*