Friday, February 29, 2008

No longer...

am I the only mom on the pool deck w/out ink. (if there is even gonna be a pool this summer.) Yesterday I dragged my bestest friend to Lucky Monkey Tattoo Parlour and he let me use him a as a prop so I could hold a new yoga asana (awkward pigeon pose) for about 30-40 minutes.

Chad Hunt was the artist that I secretly hoped to get, now granted had it been Cory working I still would have gotten my tatt, but I was happy to get Chad. For you see dear reader, they are both very skilled. I know--cuz I have been cyber stalking them for about two years. So we get there and lo and behold the piercing babe (ironically enough she is named Wendy) is getting interviewed about "radical body Mods" (Cassie babe you shoulda been there) so there was plenty of interesting discussions going down.

So I tell Chad what I want (bi parti fleur de lis) & he pulls a sample off the 'net. We confer, he likes heraldry too!! He sketches--the result is BRILLIANT. He makes a little stencil; and we test placement. Roughly 30 minutes and $60 later. I have INK! It did not hurt. Tho I can understand the entire concept of "avoid areas w/out a lot of flesh" when he even micromoved closer to my shinbone I could feel it. If I had to pick a word to describe it I would be at a loss... (yes me!) it is an thing...the closest descriptor I can get to is the intense pleasure pain of scratching. I kinda got into it.

As I was telling my darling Garth, this one was a "test run" to actually experience the "pain" and see if I can take the more detailed & sure to be more intense commitment of a "Sunne in His Splendor" that I want next. and a Griffin...and really cool Japanese Pisces fishies...and a Lancastrian lion.... Maybe this summer....

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