Thursday, February 28, 2008

picky old lady

Well now that the Koffee Klatsche (you know who you are) have established that my brain really is more female than male. I have decided to pronounce/embrace other things that other people keeping telling me, that made me identify w/16 year old boys.

1. I am a gamer. Okay I'll own.. that but w/ a disclaimer. OLD SCHOOL D&D (c.1982) lvl 37 elf thief, Video/computer games...I tend to get kinda obsessive: All the Tomb Raiders, MYST, King's Bounty (this maybe out of print...) I played it for about a year. DIABLO!! Gods I LOVED that game, (WoW scares me. I'm afraid to start) Black & White, I really like Harvest Moon and currently I am jones-ing for Katamari.

check this out!! How damn cute can you get?

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lizzybeth said...

Careful with WoW. Matt has been addicted since he signed up in June. He almost bombed an entire semester, just by playing! People neglect their kids for that game!

I hear it is really fun, though.