Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Something's fishy

It's not that Z doesn't like sushi. He does prefer Bulgolgi (which he will get homemade on Saturday) or maybe yakatori, but he would prly not pack it for his lunch--ya know? A boy who walks in the carnivore like footsteps of his brother, his dad, his heros Tinn & Tarrach--sushi sometimes know..veggies...enh not his favorite dish. And YET! My darling boy is now an official "teen"-ager and I have a long standing tradition of psyching him out on his April Fool's birthday meals. It is generally breakfast (the old yogurt & half an tinned apricot or peach w/ chocolate sprinkles as "fried egg: or sometimes dinner-- one was the meat loaf frosted w/ mashed taters to look like a birthday cake-- so he thought he got cake first!! You get the idea. So this year his dad pranked him by providing a string from the tiny empty gift box through the obstacle course of house and yard and garage to get to his new trampoline in all of its 200 lb glory. So by the time he had torn through his sister's gift and and oogled the un assembled tramp--He was running kinda late for school. I was all --"It's okay I packed yer lunch." Little did he know it was FAKE SUSHI! A handroll, squids and a full "spicy tuna" roll. AH! they looked great! A miracle what one can mimic with rice krispies and gummy worms!! They actually tasted okay if you are into sickeningly sweet marshmellow candy overload. He said his friends at lunch raved.

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